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 ** Water and Light Photo Project   “10 10 10 Days in a City”
10 Photographers, 10 Counties, 10 Photos each
SOCO Cafe/Gallery September 17 until October 17 2021

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Exhibition:     As part of the Kyotographie festival in Kyoto Japan
100 images of daily life, gathered from around the world. Images by 10 photographers, transferred to video, projected one by one, 4 meters wide, 2.5 meters tall filling an entire wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, in a theater like setting.
** Accompanied by recorded music composed by James Whetzel, Brent Arnald  Musicians from Julliard School of Music Chai Sangco and Joy Abalon Tamayo “an_outskirt”  Patrick Suler and Robert O’Connor Assistance and creative support by Ray Lustig.  *Opening night will be live music composed and performed by Kyoto musicians, Chris Fryman and Ko Yasumoto.

** 10 10 Kyoto
“Photo documentation of daily life in Kyoto”
We will also be showing the photos from 10 photographers  documenting life in Kyoto
Each showing one picture capturing people working, playing, surviving, people interacting, doing daily chores, animals, architecture and nature. Images that show what is unique about Kyoto and its community. Pictures that show why we love to live in Kyoto.

** Photographers and cities documented in the video instillation

David Corio, London, England
Tahmineh Monzavi, Iran, Tehran
Sead Šašivarević, Lukomir, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Martin Štokić, Gonsu, China
Gil Kreslavsky, Amarapura, Myanmar
Natalia Knezevic, Los Angeles, USA
Kei Mizuno, Ratanakiri, Cambodia
Punchy Barriola Montevideo, Uruguay

** Photographers for 10 10 Kyoto
Atticus Sims
Fred Payet
Sakai Motonari
Simon Slater
Masana Mikami
Taiga Tamura
Arkkapol Dhanarak “Tui”
Stuart Gibson
Codi Hauka

** “10 10 10 Days in a City” Photographer’s websites
David Corio instagram
Sead Šašivarević instagram
Natalia Knezevic  instagram
Tahmineh Monzavi instagram
Martin Štokić   instagram
GIl Kreslavsky  instagram
Mario Barriola “Punchy  instagram

Photo/Video Event  A collaboration of photography, video and music, creating with environment, ambience, architecture and acoustics, fantasy experience with large video projection, live music

Coordinated by  Water and Light Project

Exhibition Title     “10 10 10 Days in a City”

Video and Gallery
Kei Mizuno

** Concept
Water and Light Project, now based in Kyoto, gathering 10 photographers from around the world for a “Photo Projection” exhibition at SOCO Gallery.
An audio-visual immersive experience, featuring a 10-minute video projected, 100 photographs filling an entire gallery wall with images taken by 10 photographers from 10 countries, sharing 10 photos each
Photos showing their perspective of life in their country; people working, playing, surviving, doing daily chores, animals, architecture and nature. Images that show what is unique about their city, country, community and contrasts between other countries.
London England – Lukomir Bosnia and Herzegovina – Los Angeles USA – Tehran Iran – Gansu PR China – Amarapura Myanmar – Montevideo Uruguay – Ratanakiri Cambodia and Kyoto Japan….
In a theater-like setting accompanied by live and recorded music, images will be viewed in a dark walled room with seating, viewed as if you are where the photos were taken
* At the exhibition opening, a live ensemble will perform. For the remainder of the exhibition, music written for the video will serve as the soundtrack
* Included will be a framed photography display of photos by 10 Kyoto photographers offering their own view of life in Kyoto

Venue  SOCO Cafe/Gallery, Kyoto

Showing  September 17 until October 17, 2021

Bios of “10 Days in a City” Photographers

David Corio, Photos of London England instagram
Born in  London in 1960, David Corio began his professional career in 1978 taking photographs for New Musical Express, followed by The Face, Time Out, City Limits and Black Echoes, covering a wide range of music and portraiture. Corio has worked as a freelance photographer for many publications including the Daily Telegraph, The Times, The New York Times, The Guardian, Q, Mojo and Rolling Stone. Over the years, David Corio has documented musicians from the world of rock, reggae, hip hop, jazz, blues and world music along with portraits of many people in the arts.

Tahmineh Monzavi Photos of Tehran Iran  instagram
Born in 1988 in Tehran, is a socially conscious photographer. She began her professional career as a documentary photographer in 2005.
Tahmineh Monzavi received the Sheed Award for excellence in social documentary photography (independent non- government award with internationally renowned photographers as the panel of judges). Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), MAXXI museum of Roma, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and many others.
Tahmineh Monzavi is also known as a film director and producer. Sometimes her photography and film work merge into one continuous subject of artistic exploration. For example, the Grape garden alley series in 2010-2012 developed into a feature length documentary film about a shelter for addicted women in Tehran. As a co-director Tahmineh received international recognition with the film About the Salesman (2018).
Tahmineh Monzavi lives and works in Tehran. She is represented by galerie Eric Dupont, Paris.   

Gil Kreslavsky, Photos of Amarapura Myanmar Instagram

Gil Kreslavsky is an Israeli Photographer whose passion for photography took him to the most distant parts of our planet . He spend a decent amount of time in both SE Asia and Africa. His speciality is capturing various cultures, locations and the human condition in unique, challenging situations. The range of subjects is fairly broad, but biggest fascination is people , just looking at persons face and you have a story.His common aim is always the same – to capture the human element in his natural environment . Now after moving around the world for the last 7 years I decided to take a one year break, in Chengdu China and establish Chengdu Photo Club. Gil is mostly a travel, cultural photographer, traveling the globe documenting people’s lives and photographing the human story in its natural element. In 2017 I based myself in China and established the first International Photography Club in Chengdu (Chengdu Photo Club). The club connected thousands of photography lovers from China and abroad and made Chengdu a second home for me. While I’m away the club is run by volunteers who share the same love for photography as me.

Sead Šašivarević, Photos of Lukomir Bosnia and Herzegovina Instagram
About Lukomir and my photography work there:
Stretched out on the slopes of Bjelasnica Mountain, at altitude of 1500 meters, Lukomir is a true fairytale village with old stone houses and barns with red roofs. Romanticized as the last village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is full of wonderful and sincere people, characters carved on the outside by the harsh circumstances of life, and on the inside still cheerful and full-hearted. They still nurture the tradition of Bjelasnica villages, proudly wear traditional costumes and take sheep to pasture, which is already unique in this part of the world. As romantic as the “last Bosnian village” may sound, the tradition and culture of Bjelasnica villages are disappearing. Capturing it with a photograph, documenting, and spreading it to as many people around the world as possible is the way I want to preserve and protect this heritage for a long time. One day, when we, who are witnessing these moments, are no more, these wonderful stories of one time and one rich tradition will remain recorded”

Natalia Knezevic Photos of LA USA  Instagram
Originally from Croatia, I moved to California in 2001 and I now reside in Los Angeles. I attended the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara in pursuit of my dream to become a professional photographer.   This, combined with my passion for structural lines, shapes and texture has given me the opportunity to photograph a large variety of commercial and residential properties and life in LA. I take a great pride in capturing a vision rather than just an image as I want to reflect the talent and accomplishment of those who conceive architectural structures, envision interior design and create purposeful environments and life.

Martin Štokić, Photos of Gansu China Instagram
I became interested in photography since the first time I made a photo album in elementary school. After high school, it became a hobby for me.
Now; Creative director and photographer who is passionate about humanities and architectural forms. While providing the most professional services to all customers, having an extremely keen sense of capturing and recording critical moments. Professional knowledge of shooting, lighting and post-processing techniques, and good at using advanced techniques to better accomplish various tasks. What do I Photograph: Architecture, Art, Portraits, People and Streets

Punchy Barriola, Photos of Uruguay Instagram    Born in Montevideo. He is self-taught. at 20, he started taking pictures of his
friends while they were playing sports and soon after, entered in to the world of advertising photography. In 2007 participated in a collective exhibition in New York, later in the Biennale of Madrid and Poland. After that he founds
Magoya, a photo studio that focuses its work in advertising, as well as stills, and isolated for the press. Currently, he is working on creating an image bank of Uruguay.

Kei Misuno Photos of Ratanakiri, Cambodia 
Kei Mizuno is a researcher and entrepreneur who works closely with rural communities in developing countries, and he spent over a decade deeply involved with the people of the central Mekong Basin, including the border region of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. His approach to sustainable rural development is to think together with groups in order to enhance the potential of the local culture and resources available to them. These photographs taken primarily of the Gialia ethnic group in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia. They are a documentation of Kei’s views of the local communities and the natural environment in which they live as a way to see the people and how they work. Although many of these images are of breathtaking beauty, they were not taken with thoughts of aesthetic appeal, but simply to capture moments of these communities’ lives and cultures.

** Bios 10 10 Kyoto “Photo documentation of life in Kyoto”

*1 Atticus Sims

2 Codi Hauka

3 Lane Diko

4 Stuart Gibson

5 Arkkapol Dhanarak “Tui”

6 Simon Slater

三上 昌来 (宗昌 facebook  instagram Masana Mikami

8 Fred Payet 

9 Yasumasa Tamura 

10 Sakai Motonari

Water and Light Project
Photo information

Show “10 10 10 Countries”
The photographs will be all projected 4 meters wide and 2.6 meters tall. Filling an entire wall of the gallery

Photos by: 1 Tahmineh Monzavi, 2 David Corio,  3 Gil Kreslavsky,  4 Natalia Knezevic,  5 Sead Šašivarević,  6 Martin Štokić,