Whitney Museum Biennial 2008


2008 During the Whitney Museum Biennial of American Art in New York City The Water and Light Project with Subatomic Sound System took over the Whitney Museum storefront radio station, projected video images and performing live while broadcasting worldwide on neighborhood public radio

Subatomic Sound System beats & electronics DJ Emch on Vocals: Rhiannon, Daddy Lion Chandell & Treasure Don
DJ Momoko “Peach”

Video Water and Light
Hisao Ihara
Yuko Sueta


Brooklyn Museum First Saturdays 2007

Water and Light Project video exhibition
 outside museum entrance and
 inside Great Hall main room. A collaboration of video artists working with environment, ambience, architecture and acoustics to create a shared experience

Video by
Hisao Ihara
Marisa Yiu Eric Schuldenfrei
Jim Byrne
Shimpei Takeda
Water and Light

Bigger than the Manhattan Bridge 2007

September 2007 Bigger than the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn
Water and Light Project working with the DUMBO Under the “Bridge Arts Festival” projected massive video images on the side of the Manhattan Bridge, accompanied by recorded and live sound/music.
Hisao Ihara
Yoonhye Park
Toshiko Oiwa
Water and Light
Pearl Street Gallery
Music and sound by
DJ Emch Subatomic Sound System
Chris Munoz & Anton Esteban
Sound system and support by
Halcyon The Shop

Brooklyn Museum 2006

Brooklyn Museum’s first large video installation
Target First Saturdays 2006
45 foot tall video images projected outside the museum above the entrance.
Inside in the Great Hall we projected large perspective moving images, an interactive video picture, and water on light images.
Works by
Water and Light
Hisao Ihara Japan
Erin Kim/Chiahao Korea/Taiwan
Jon Auderson Iceland
Chris Fleming Technician

Water and Light Faces Project Winnipeg Canada 2006

In the winter of 2006 Water and Light Faces Project video taped the beautiful aces of 250 Aboriginals from the greater Manitoba community and projected 15 meters tall the images on the inside and outside walls of Winnipeg Art Gallery Museum during the “Manito Ahbee” Manitoba Aboriginal Festival
Working with the Aboriginal community and creating in honor of the Aboriginal community, the Urban Shaman Gallery, Water & Light Project and Winnipeg Art Gallery produced a community art event entitled WATER & LIGHT FACES PROJECT
These are the faces of our people: our mothers, our sisters, brothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, and all our relatives. This project celebrated the beauty of our relations, inviting all of Manitoba to participate in the celebration.

Urban Shaman Gallery
KC Adams
Scott Stevens
Jeany Baik CBC
Takashi Iwasaki
Mary Reid WAG
Balanced Records

Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival 2005

February 2005 Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival, Iceland

The Water and Light Iceland Project is a collaboration of artists, musicians and students from Iceland Academy of the Arts working together with the interaction of light and sound creating the Water and Light Saturday night event for the Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival in February 2005

Light creates the space • video images projected on walls, screens and floor • carpets, pillows, chairs for lounging • architectural installations • light art in rafters above • cairn installation • musicians • DJs spinning, computer, deep groove, ambient and dance music • live chamber and jazz music • ceiling softly lit by 100 candles • Architecture show, Fra Futurisma Til Mogulegrar Framtidar, I itolskum samtima arkitektur

Water and Light at Klink and Bank
Klink and Bank is an artist musician and gallery space located in the center of Reykjavik, Sponsored by Landsbanki and Reykjavik’s Winter Lights Festival 2005

String quartet Loki: Julia Mogensen, Audur Oladottir,
Groa Valdimarsdottir, Gunnhildur Dadadottir
Alex McNeil
Steini Gunnarsson
Aki Asgeirs
Sigtryggur Baldursson
Helgi Helgason
Gulleik Loevskar
Elvar Kjartansson,
Runa Esradtottir

Water and Light
Halli Kalli
Lars Skjelbreia
Orn Helgason


Water and Light Yamagata Japan 2005

In downtown Yamagata, Water and Light Project
Two large waterfall projections on Kajo Central Building downtown Yamagata and Hotel Castle. Main event at Yoshio Salon building, video, light, music, dance and water installation. Walls filled with videos of waterfalls, waves, light on water, shadows and dancing. Guests lounged on floors covered with tatami mats, carpets and pillows.


Live video, koto, shakuhachi, DJ and dancer
Sugai Takashi, Co producer, technician, equipment
Akiko Fukuda, press and photographer
Rio Zimbo, spirit, inspiration
Ai Suzuki, communications, interpreter
Akari Hayasaka, video editor
Chiaki Yokoyama, dancer
Iino Kazuyoshi, DJ
Shigeko Urayama, koto player
Hakuryu Takeda, shakuhachi player
Fukuda family, support