Duwamish Revealed Seattle WA 2015

During the Fall of 2015 in Seattle WA, Water and Light Project took park in the event “Duwamish Revealed”
A creative celebration on Seattle’s Duwamish river. A series of installations, performances, and community events.
Water and Light Project, collaborating with Christian French, projecting video on large shipping container sculpture with circus acrobatic performance.

Water and Light Project, video
Sean Capone, video
Christian French, Container sculpture
Jason Williams & Evelyn Bittner Circus Contraption acrobatics
Photographer Miguel Roberts
City Arts Magazine 

Ueda Shoji Museum, Tottori, Japan 2013

The photographer Shoji Ueda, 100th anniversary of his birth Shoji Ueda museum of Photography
Video and Live music event “Happy Together” by Water and Light Project. In the summer of 2013, the Water and Light Project, Asami Yoshiga and former and present artists of Tottori, created a community event combining the unique local culture with contemporary influences. The event was at the beautiful Ueda Shoji museum located at the base of the majestic Mt Daisen.Band Yellow flowers.jpg
The event was influenced by the location of the museum, the beautiful natural surroundings, and the very unique photographic eye of one of Japan’s most famous photographers, Ueda Shoji.  Shoji Ueda has influenced the way photographers the world over see the placement of humans in the environment. We used that sensibility in capturing and creating the images projected.

With live regional music and musicians, accompanying by gigantic slow moving video images influenced by magnificent photographs of Shoji Ueda and with photographs by Takashi Karaki, we brought alive the large outside walls of Shoji Ueda museum

Photography Takashi Karaki
Video Water and Light
Video Hideki Kawahara
Video Sean Capone
Cello William Prunkl
Hang drum, Water drum Akira Sunrise
Percussion Priti
Waraibako (Houki town Taiko Group)
Houki Town Kids Choir

Spring Kamogawa Kyoto Japan 2012

Spring 2012 Kyoto Japan
Water and Light Project video projecting event with live music.
During the beautiful “hanami” cherry blossom watching time in Japan, the Water and Light Project covered the bank of the Kamo River with large white fabric, topped by the full flowering cherry trees. On it was projected beautiful video images. The images reflected onto the river.


hanami copy.jpg

Video Water and Light
DJ Composer, Takeshi
Violin, Chiko
Acoustic bass, Ucon
Percussion, Akira Sunrise
Inoue Kimono kimono store
HUG International Exchange Association

The Value of Water New York 2011

The Value of Water New York City September 2011 – March 2012

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine
Water and Light Project video instillation in the main cathedral running daily all day for 6 months as part of the art exhibition “The Value of Water”
St. John the Divine is the largest cathedral in the world. This was the largest art show ever exhibited at the Cathedral, with 40 artists contributing a wide range of work, paintings, video and instillations.
The “Value of Water” was part of an ongoing multi-year effort by the cathedral to raise public awareness around water issues
“Highlight the need for clean water as a requirement for civilization and peace”
“The Value of Water” curated by participating artist Fredericka Foster, featured pieces by some names, including Mark Rothko, Jenny Holzer, Bill Viola and Water and Light Project, that spur conversation and contemplation about the global water crisis.

Concept and design Water and Light
Video Jonathan Stroh

Water and Light Project Tottori Japan 2010

Ueda Shoji Photography museum Water and Light Project

Brent 1.jpg

At Ueda Shoji Photography museum located at the base of Mt Daisen, the Water and Light Project Working with the Houki Town, Japan community, created a spectacular video/sound event

The event was in honor of Ueda Shoji, a long time Tottori resident, and one of Japan’s most celebrated photographers. Ueda san has influenced the way photographers the world over see the placement of humans in the environment. We used that sensibility in creating and sharing the experience of the event
With live music accompanying gigantic multiple video projections we brought the outside walls of the museum alive with images of blooming flowers, dreams and fields of beautiful memories. The musicians used the unique acoustic echo to create and evoke a recurring memory. “Hello, I am home”

Director Water and Light
Coordinator / Organizer Asami Yoshiga
Video Sean Capone
Video Water and Light
Cello/composer Brent Arnold
Music Softribe
Houki Town Taiko
Houki Town Kishimoto Jr High Band
Designer Kei Oomori
Photographers: Yuichi Kayano, Takashi Karaki