10 10 10 days in a city

Sept 17 – Oct 17, 2021  Facebook   10 10 10 website
As part of the Kyotographie festival in Kyoto Japan, 10 photographers from around the world contributed 10 photos that represent life in their town, showing what is uniquely different from life in other countries.
“10 10 10 Days in a City” photo episode.
10 photos by 10 photographers from 10 countries, capturing everyday life in their country, town and community. The photos, transferred to video and projected 4 meters wide 2.5 meters tall in a theater like setting with live and recorded music accompaniment

Showing at SOCO Cafe/Gallery

Seian University Kyoto 2019

Seian university student Fall Art Fair, October 13, 14, 2019
Together with students, teachers and staff, at Seian University, Water and Light Project produced an outdoor video mapping event for the student fall art fair

Ren Funahashi
Natsuha Nakamura
Shunsuke Sakai
Sean Capone

Rika Murahira  Piano 
Beni   Piano
William Prunk  Cello
James Whetzel  Keyboards

Thanks to:
Akihiro Nakamura Help and support
Asami Yoshiga  Support and inspiration
Takuya Minami
Toru Kanzawa