10 10 10 days in a city

“10 10 10 Days in a City”
SOCO Cafe/Gallery September 17 until October 17 2021

Photo/Video Event  A collaboration of photography, video and music, creating with environment, ambience, architecture and acoustics, fantasy experience with large video projection and live music.

Exhibition:  As part of the Kyotographie festival in Kyoto Japan
Images of daily life, contributed by photographers from around the world, that represent life in their town. Showing what is uniquely different from life in other countries. Transferred to video, projected one by one, 4 meters wide, 2.5 meters tall filling an entire wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, in a theater like setting.
** Accompanied music composed by James Whetzel, Brent Arnald  (Musicians from Julliard School of Music) Chai Sangco and Joy Abalon Tamayo “an_outskirt”  Patrick Suler and Robert O’Connor Assistance and creative support by Ray Lustig

*Opening night music composed and performed by Kyoto musicians, Chris Fryman and Ko Yasumoto.

** Photographers and cities documented in the video instillation

David Corio, London, England
Tahmineh Monzavi, Iran, Tehran
Sead Šašivarević, Lukomir, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Martin Štokić, Gonsu, China
Gil Kreslavsky, Amarapura, Myanmar
Natalia Knezevic, Los Angeles, USA
Kei Mizuno, Ratanakiri, Cambodia
Punchy Barriola Montevideo, Uruguay

** Concept
Water and Light Project, gathering photographers from around the world for a “Photo Projection” exhibition at SOCO Gallery Kyoto.
An audio-visual immersive experience, featuring a video projected, filling an entire gallery wall.
Photographers showing their perspective of life in their country; people working, playing, surviving, doing daily chores, animals, architecture and nature. Images that show what is unique about their city, country, community and contrasts between other countries.
London England – Lukomir Bosnia and Herzegovina – Los Angeles USA – Tehran Iran – Gansu PR China – Amarapura Myanmar – Montevideo Uruguay – Ratanakiri Cambodia and Kyoto Japan….
In a theater-like setting accompanied by live music, images viewed in a dark walled room with seating, creating the feeling you are where the photos were taken
* At the exhibition opening, a live ensemble performed. For the remainder of the exhibition, music written for the video served as the soundtrack.

Venue  Kyoto SOCO Cafe/Gallery, soco-kyoto.com/

** Also showing: “10 10 Kyoto10 Framed Photos by Kyoto Photographers
“Photo documentation of daily life in Kyoto”

Each picture capturing people working, playing, surviving, interacting, doing daily chores, animals, architecture and nature. Images that show what is unique about Kyoto and its community. Pictures that show why people love to live in Kyoto.
Atticus Sims
Fred Payet
Sakai Motonari
Simon Slater
Masana Mikami
Taiga Tamura
Arkkapol Dhanarak “Tui”
Stuart Gibson
Codi Hauka

Coordinated by Water and Light Project


Three Arias for Double Bass and Piano

A collaboration between composer Conrad Cummings and Water and Light Project 2021

Music by Conrad Cummings
Written for and performed by
Max Zeugner Double Bass, New York Philharmonic
Yi-heng Yang Piano, Juilliard Faculty

Video, Water and Light Project

Seian University Kyoto 2019

Seian university student Fall Art Fair, October 13, 14, 2019
Together with students, teachers and staff, at Seian University, Water and Light Project produced an outdoor video mapping event for the student fall art fair

Ren Funahashi
Natsuha Nakamura
Shunsuke Sakai
Sean Capone

Rika Murahira  Piano 
Beni   Piano
William Prunk  Cello
James Whetzel  Keyboards

Thanks to:
Akihiro Nakamura Help and support
Asami Yoshiga  Support and inspiration
Takuya Minami
Toru Kanzawa