Water and Light Project Tottori Japan 2010

Ueda Shoji Photography museum Water and Light Project

Brent 1.jpg

At Ueda Shoji Photography museum located at the base of Mt Daisen, the Water and Light Project Working with the Houki Town, Japan community, created a spectacular video/sound event

The event was in honor of Ueda Shoji, a long time Tottori resident, and one of Japan’s most celebrated photographers. Ueda san has influenced the way photographers the world over see the placement of humans in the environment. We used that sensibility in creating and sharing the experience of the event
With live music accompanying gigantic multiple video projections we brought the outside walls of the museum alive with images of blooming flowers, dreams and fields of beautiful memories. The musicians used the unique acoustic echo to create and evoke a recurring memory. “Hello, I am home”

Director Water and Light
Coordinator / Organizer Asami Yoshiga
Video Sean Capone
Video Water and Light
Cello/composer Brent Arnold
Music Softribe
Houki Town Taiko
Houki Town Kishimoto Jr High Band
Designer Kei Oomori
Photographers: Yuichi Kayano, Takashi Karaki

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