Water and Light Faces Project Winnipeg Canada 2006

In the winter of 2006 Water and Light Faces Project video taped the beautiful aces of 250 Aboriginals from the greater Manitoba community and projected 15 meters tall the images on the inside and outside walls of Winnipeg Art Gallery Museum during the “Manito Ahbee” Manitoba Aboriginal Festival
Working with the Aboriginal community and creating in honor of the Aboriginal community, the Urban Shaman Gallery, Water & Light Project and Winnipeg Art Gallery produced a community art event entitled WATER & LIGHT FACES PROJECT
These are the faces of our people: our mothers, our sisters, brothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, and all our relatives. This project celebrated the beauty of our relations, inviting all of Manitoba to participate in the celebration.

Urban Shaman Gallery
KC Adams
Scott Stevens
Jeany Baik CBC
Takashi Iwasaki
Mary Reid WAG
Balanced Records