Water and Light Project


A collaboration of video and music, creating with environment, ambience, architecture and acoustics, fantasy with video projection, live music

Sean Narcissus 9 11

Next event to be September 17 – October 17, 2021
10 photographers from around the world contribute 10 photos that represent everyday life in their town, showing what is uniquely different from life in other countries.
“10 10 10 countries” photo episode.
10 photos (or 10, 10-second videos) by 10 photographers from 10 countries, capturing everyday life in their country, town and community. The photos, documentary style, transferred to video and projected in a casual theater like setting with live and recorded music accompaniment

Showing between September 17 – October 17, 2021. A free event. Showing at SOCO Cafe/Gallery

Boy and cat friend copy

photo Sead Šašivarević


Water and Light Project, Kyoto, New York, Seattle. Working with the interaction of light and sound where anything happens. Images on walls fall like water, fly like birds…Sound sets the mood

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